Map volcano
The GDF are using the outlying geothermal facility to create an atmospheric EMP weapon with which to drive the Strogg out of Earth’s orbit and halt the invasion. The Strogg must destroy the geothermal energy core to prevent the GDF from disabling their fleet.


  1. The first volcano objective requires a Strogg Infiltrator to hack the GDF security controls to open the transformer doors.
  2. Once the controls are hacked, a Strogg Aggressor must destroy the transformers with a plasma charge.
  3. Finally, Strogg Infiltrators must destroy the GeoThermal Energy core with their Flyer Drones!

Optional ObjectivesEdit

a: Capture the Beach Head Spawn Point
b: Destroy the Forward Bunker, the Seawall Breach or the East Bunker Breach
c: Liberate the Bunker Building Spawn Point

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